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This page is dedicated to the only hobby that has lasted a lifetime: motorcycling. I don't think it is that interesting to anybody but myself (though the maintenance cost of several bikes may be) but it will serve as my personal motorcycle log.

In the tables below I try to make order out of chaos, I hope your visit to this webpage isn't totally wasted time for you!

My bike history An incomplete overview of my bike life.
Dad's ride report MoscowA trip by dad in 1967.
Links Some links and tips.
Things to attend or watchMC events this year.
Things past MC events earlier.
Maandelijkse log (upd.may 2022)voor mijn geheugen...
Een trekhaak voor de Transalpmet maatvoering
Using a cheap GPS as a roadbookHow I (used to) navigate.
Using a cheap GPS better on a motorbikeHow I navigate now.
Bent u een goede motorrijder?Een test, voor mij van Javascript...
Some other things I like Some I don't mention...
Contact me? Just copy and paste: wbajanssen@quicknet.nl

# BikeYearOwned in/from/toSpendingsPictureTripsComments
1 MZ 250 19621968MZ 250
2 Yamaha 250 19661968Yamaha 250Not a single trip, baaad bike!
3 MZ 250 ES/2 19681968-1971 MZ 250Many trips in Western Europe.
4 Jawa Trail 9019701970Jawa Trail 90ccAnother bad bike.
5 Suzuki T500 19711971T500
6 Suzuki T500 19721972T500 #2Western- and eastern Europe, Turkey.
7 Honda CB750 19731973-1974 How beautiful...
8 Suzuki T500 19741974-1983 T500 #3
9 BMW R80RT 19861986-1998 R80 RTAgain, many European trips.
10BMW R27 19611995-2008 BMW R27 1961Classic Rally Enter 1995My R27...
Classic Rally Enter 1996
West Kent Run 1997
Belgium weekend 1998
Simple cold ride in 2000
R27 clubride 2000
France summer 2000
Last R27 ride 2008
11Honda VFR80019981998-march 2009 HondaVFR800Eurocis Rallye 1998Honda
Tour de France 1999
Tour de l'Europe 2000
Germany 2000
Winterparty 2001
Scotland 2001
Ireland 2002
Camping trip with hombo's 2002
Fun in spring 2003
Spain and Portugal 2003
Weekend Luxemburg may 2006 (Dutch, unpublished)
A weekend in Northumbria october 2006
Goodbye VFR :-(
12Honda CB550 19801999 Got this non-running and rusty bike free, we fixed and sold it.
13Jawa Tramp 20012001-2004 Jawa Last two strokeVisiting sixflags 2002Good old Tramp.
Jawa rallye 2002
14Honda XL650V20012004-today TransalpRally TouringHardangervidda Norway 2004Transalp XL650V.
Lake District 2004
A snowy ride 2005
Riding the Alps summer 2006
Same thing, but funnier (takes time to load).
Allroad ride Goor jan.2007 (takes time to load)
Riding the Alps summer 2007
Exploring Norway summer 2007
Vosges and Auvergne june 2008
Exploring Morocco october 2008
Creuze june 2009
France, Italy and Corse august 2009
Riding and hiking in GB, june 2010
Bikkelweekend january 2011
MGCN Landmark Rally 2011
Bikkelweekend february 2012
Short France trip 2012
Los Pirineos 2012
Bikkelweekend february 2013
Trip to Spain april-may 2013
TCN500 Adventure Ride october 2013
Visiting England 7-10 november 2013
14bHonda XL650V20012004-todayTransalpRally TouringSweden and Norway 2014 part 1Transalp XL650V.
Sweden and Norway 2014 part 2
Sweden and Norway 2014 part 3
Sweden and Norway 2014 part 4
Sweden and Norway 2014 part 5
Turkey 2014
Landmarkrally 2015 transalp club
Polen, Tjechie en Duitsland 2015
TCN600 (300!)
France dec.2015
Kroatie 2016
Scouting the dutch part of the TET (2016)
Exploring the Alps (2016)
MGCN Landmark Rally 2017
South Scandinavia 2018
Engeland 2019
Morocco 2020
A week in France 2021
Germany 2021
15Tiger 955i20062018-todayTriumph First 3-cylinderPortugal 2018955i
Belgium 2019, celebrating 70th birthday
A week in France (onroad Alps) sept. 2019
Limburg and France week. june 2021
-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
Miscellaneous2005MGCN Landmark Rally
2005Ladakh, India
2007MGCN Landmark Rally
2012Trialdag 28 januari
2013Rajasthan, India
2016Goa and Kerala, India

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